Get Your Teens and Parents to Bond Through Modern Musicals

Younger generations are being drawn to the world of musicals through Disney movies and Broadway shows with plots that they find appealing. One of the best ways to get your parents and teens to connect is through these shows.

It can be hard for teens to find common ground with their grandparents. These musicals have music that your parents will enjoy and stories that everyone will relate to in some way. Search these original cast recordings on your streaming service or YouTube and watch what happens.

Home Care Services Covington TN - Get Your Teens and Parents to Bond Through Modern Musicals
Home Care Services Covington TN – Get Your Teens and Parents to Bond Through Modern Musicals

#1 – Come From Away

This musical was nominated for a Tony award in 2017. While it didn’t win, it’s still extremely popular. The story is going to hit home as it deals with September 11th.

On September 11th, the U.S. had to stop allowing planes into the nation due to terrorist acts. The town of Gander, Newfoundland became a stopping point for numerous planes. The passengers were welcomed into the town’s homes, businesses, and emergency shelters for almost a week. This true story is retold in the poignant Come From Away.

#2 – Dear Evan Hansen

What did win the Tony in 2017 was Dear Evan Hansen. Evan breaks his arm while attempting suicide. Raised by a single mom, the teen doesn’t feel he fits in. During his therapy sessions, Evan is instructed to write himself “Dear Evan Hansen” letters. Meanwhile, a classmate, Connor, believes Evan is picking on him. He takes one of Evan’s letters and later commits suicide.

Evan covers up the true meaning of the letter by telling people that he and Connor were best friends and often wrote each other letters to vent their frustration. Evan’s lie spirals out of control in a meaningful, yet explosive fashion that changes his life. Teens are going to relate with Evan, the social anxiety he deals with, and the situation he ends up in.

#3 – Wicked

This tale of how the good and bad witches in The Wizard of Oz met. When Idina Menzel became popular after the Disney movie Frozen, people started to catch on to her earlier singing roles. In Wicked, she plays Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West.

The story has both witches falling in love with the same man and dealing with the corruption of the government of Oz. It leads to the reasons Elphaba became an outcast.

Musicals help your parents bond with your teens. What happens when you’re not around? Who is there to help your mom and dad when you’re not available? With home care services, they have the help they need from trained caregivers. From medication reminders to assistance with personal care, home care services makes a big difference in your parents’ lives. Call now to learn more.

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