Veterans – you make us proud to be an American. You have defended our nation in our homeland and on foreign shores. Today, as you go through old age, we hope we can give back to the years you have sacrificed for our country.

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Personal Care Services MidSouth offers home care services to veterans throughout the midsouth. Our office will coordinate with Veterans Associations to provide services.

Veteran members are offered companionship services, sitter services, homemaking, respite care, and personal care services.

Personal Care Services MidSouth offers 2 programs to assist Veterans:

  1. VA Hospital Homemakers Program (Veterans only)

    The VA Hospital Homemakers program is designed to provide approved care for the Veteran (only) at home as authorized by his/her health care provider and coordinated by the VA hospital social services (workers) department. Once approved and coordinated, our agency will provide the care.

    Our Veterans Homemakers Programs are designed to provide support for a range of daily activities, ensuring that our veterans can maintain their independence while living comfortably and safely at home. This assistance can range from personal care services like bathing and dressing to household tasks like meal preparation and light housekeeping. We understand the importance of personal dignity and autonomy in the golden years, and our caregivers are trained to provide respectful, sensitive care.

  2. Aide & Attendance Pension (for Veterans and Spouses)

Aid & Attendance Pension

The Aid & Attendance pension program is a benefit that may be available for veterans who have served during war-time. The program is designed to assist with the cost of long term care in a facility or in the veterans own home. In order to qualify the veteran or surviving spouse must meet the service and income requirements.

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Disability Requirements

A veteran may be eligible for Aid & Attendance pension when:

  • The veteran requires the aid of another person in order to perform personal functions required in daily living, such as bathing, feeding, dressing or protecting themselves from everyday hazards.
  • The veteran is bedridden
  • The veteran is a patient in a nursing home or mental or physical incapacity.
  • The veteran is blind, or so nearly so as to have corrected vision of 5/200 or less, in both eyes.

Eligible Periods Of War

  • World War I – 4/6/1917 to 11/11/1918
  • World War II – 12/7/1941 to 12/31/1946
  • Korean War – 6/27/1950 to 1/31/1955
  • Vietnam War – 8/5/1964 to 5/7/1975
  • Persian Gulf War – 8/2/1990 to present

Income and Asset Requirements

The income and net worth of the veteran must be approved by the VA Case worker assessing the veteran’ financial situation. Unlike Medicare, the requirements for veteran qualification are not as specific and up to the decision of the VA Caseworker. VA benefits are a need-based benefit and a large net worth or high income might affect the eligibility.

How We Can Help

Personal Care Services MidSouth, LLC offers a unique service to veterans or their surviving spouses:

We help veterans or their surviving spouses determine if they qualify for this little-known Department of Veterans Affairs benefit known as “Aid & Attendance,” a pension that pays for home care.

We assist in the application process.

We provide home care.

We also pay the home care costs while the application is being processed by the VA; once the pension is approved, the client simply repays us from their VA reimbursement. We continue to provide home care, paid by the client from their monthly VA pension payment.

We do this with no out-of-pocket cost to the client.

We do this because it is our desire to see that those who served are provided for in their time of need.

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Veterans Home Care can provide you with the following assistance:

  • Help with Bathing
  • Help with Dressing
  • Medication Reminders
  • Transportation
  • Meal Preparation
  • Personal Care
  • Respite Care
  • Care Management
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Companionship
  • Additional services

It is our desire to see that those who served are provided for in their time of need.

Do You or Someone You Know Qualify?

If you are a veteran who has served at least 90 days on active duty, with at least one day of service during a period of war, or the surviving spouse of such a veteran, and you are in need of assistance with activities of daily living due to your disabilities, you may be eligible for the VA’s non-service connected disability pension.

Available Benefits & Eligibility

Tax-Free Benefits

The Aid and Attendance pension is a tax-free benefit paid directly to the qualified applicant.


To be eligible for the Aid and Attendance Pension Program:

Wartime service

The Veteran must have served at least 90 days of active duty, with at least one day served during a time of war.


The Veteran or Surviving Spouse must satisfy an assets test. Many variables require each case to be evaluated individually regarding the level of assets an applicant may have. Do not assume you are not eligible.

Financial need

In general, the Veteran or Surviving Spouse must have less income each year than the cost of care provided, including the monthly charges by an in-home care provider, assisted living or nursing facility. If you have retirement income, do not assume you are not eligible.

Medical diagnosis

The Veteran or Spouse must need regular assistance and care with Activities of Daily Living (ADL). There must be a medical reason why they cannot live independently without regular assistance and care with the Activities of Daily Living, such as bathing, dressing, eating, etc., or mental incapacitation, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, requiring medication supervision and a protected environment.

The veteran or spouse does not need to be disabled, nor is it required that they need 24-hour care. It is only necessary that the veteran or spouse needs regular aid and attendance from someone else to handle Activities of Daily Living. “Regular” means scheduled and ongoing aid and attendance care. Unlike other pensions, there is no requirement that the veteran have service-related injuries.

If your parent or a friend is a Veteran or Spouse and needs help with the activities of daily living, please call us for a free initial consultation to determine whether they may be eligible for the Aid and Attendance Pension in light of their individual circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Personal Care Services MidSouth Veterans Home Care do?
A. We help veterans or their surviving spouses, who qualify for a special Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefit called Aid & Attendance, to stay in their own homes and receive assistance with activities of daily living. We assist in the application process, including helping the veteran assemble and file all necessary paperwork. We also provide home care workers, schedule and oversee care. In addition, after the application has been submitted, we cover home care costs until the pension request is approved and VA reimbursements begin. There are no out-of-pocket costs to the applicant.
Q. Who is this VA benefit for?
A. This little-known Department of Veterans Affairs pension is for veterans with an honorable discharge who have served at least 90 days on active duty, with at least one day of service during a period of war, or their surviving spouses. To qualify for this particular benefit which pays for personal care and attendant home services, the disabilities must not be service related. There are also financial limitations associated with the pension.
Q. I don’t know if I qualify. How do I find out?
A. Call us or enter your contact information on our “Contact Us” page. One of our application specialists will fill out a preliminary questionnaire to assess your qualifications for the benefit. You will need to provide copies of some vital information including Armed Services discharge papers, marriage license and death certificate (if you are a surviving spouse). Once we have your information, we will contact your physician to verify your need for in-home personal care services. We will assist you with filing paperwork to the Department of Veterans Affairs and will assign a home care worker to you, if you don’t already have one. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for the Department of Veterans Affairs to approve your claim in order to begin receiving services. We will provide you with help at the beginning of the month after paperwork is submitted to the VA.
Q. What happens if my claim is denied?
A. If you have provided us with complete information and we have helped you fill out the applications, and the Department of Veterans Affairs has denied your claim due to your medical condition, you will not be held responsible for home care costs we have paid.
Personal Care Services MidSouth can help you get started. Please contact us so that a well-trained and supportive Intake professional can meet with you to assess your situation. Please call, visit our office, or set an appointment by giving us a call at 901-443-1191.