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7 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. I have been an employee for more than 10 years and I love PCS! Ms Shanta is a great supervisor and is very kind and understanding. I love my job and my clients and taking care of others.

  2. Competitive place to work. Friendly staff, flexible hours, vacation hours accumulated, paid daily, and 401K!!!

  3. My Wife has been with the company for over 10 years. I must say that this company is very Friendly and Professional. The staff is remarkable when I have any questions or concerns, they give me an answer without me having to remain them of what I called for. The caregivers that they have hire to assist my wife has been awesome. The Supervisor that is over Fayette and Hardeman County is so sweet. She make sure that everything is happening as schedule. SHE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. I do recommend everyone that I know to reach out to the company if they need assistance for their family. Thanks Personal Care Services Midsouth. MBA

  4. I have been working for this company as a branch supervisor for nearly two Years. My position has afforded me opportunities to engage and work directly with so many wonderful caregivers and clients in 5 different counties. What I like the most is the fact that client service delivery is at the top of the list in my job duties and is stressed above all else. Never leaving our beloved clients without care. It truly is at the heart of what we do, and the staff that works with me to provide those services feel the exact same way.
    We are only as good as our tools, and I have been given that and more to be successful.

  5. I’ve been employed with this company for going on 5 months and I absolutely love and enjoy working for this company my supervisor is amazing, very flexible with your schedule. Absolutely love ALL of my clients and love them like they are my family and they treat me like family also. 10\10 recommend working \getting with this company so we can take care of your loved ones.

  6. The service my sister has received has been impeccable and outstanding. This company is the epitome of PERSONAL CARE!!!!!!! The young lady sent to care for my sister is well qualified, has a love for the job and sets the example and standard for what all personal care givers should be. This is the 3rd company my sister has had to go through and I must say all other companies in this field of medicine should model themselves after PERSONAL CARE SERVICES. Well done Kea and Mashika Burns. I applaud both of you and the company as a whole. Thank you for taking a great deal of stress off of me as a primary giver. God bless y’all for all you do!!!!!!!

  7. First, I’d like to say that I tend to be fairly harsh when reviewing any business of this nature. I suppose it’s due to “the type of work being offered”, and how delicate/important I feel it is that we all stay as informed as we should be. ASK ME! I HAVE WORKED AS A SELF-CONTRACTED CARE GIVER; l HAVE ALSO WORKED “WITH” THE COMPANIES AROUND WHICH SPEND A FORTUNE IN MARKETING AS WELL AS WITH PCSM)

    This company, unlike practically every other I have done personal footwork into representing, offers clients so much more of what is PROMISED by all those “other” corporate moguls who promise they will give the very best to those who are so extremely important to us. Before you even begin listening to the companies who stake claims they never intend on providing, I cannot stress the importance to do your own “footwork”!! Any company can herd 12 ladies into a room and “say” they’ll stand behind you (as a caregiver), but very few actually do so. (PCSM happily trains people who wish to offer you help. Most are experienced yet I feel it’s nice to recognize these issues) Even MORE importantly: When it comes down to the barest of “care” related companies it’s quite refreshing to know of at least ONE who identifies with a CLIENT’S basic rights to “consent” with the care being offered to them. After all, they may be “elderly” or in some cases “in need of extra time/attention”; but they are STILL human beings!! In many cases they are as sharp as a tack & know precisely what makes them happy or upset. In all my years of offering care to the geriatric or handicap I have identified with those things yet the more “commercialized companies” fall very short of proving that they offer those their God-given rights as HUMANS whose voices still matter.

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