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Care Services in Aid and Attendance Pension Program

As sunset approaches, we remind ourselves of the good old days and memories that have passed, and every individual, especially veterans who transitioned into being civilians, deserves to receive quality care in their homes. Personal Care Services...

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Quick Guide to VA Hospital Homemakers Programs

Honoring our nation's veterans and providing them with the care and support they deserve is our top priority. In recognition of their sacrifice and service, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a program known as the VA Hospital...

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What’s in Our Veterans Home Care Programs?

Personal Care Services MidSouth has long recognized the value of our brave veterans and the sacrifices they've made for our nation. In gratitude for their service, we've crafted Veterans Home Care Programs that offer comprehensive non-medical home...

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Home Care Services to Keep Seniors Young at Heart

In the golden years of life, the familiar comfort of one's own home can become even more valuable. Aging in place, surrounded by cherished memories, can keep seniors feeling young at heart. However, maintaining independence and ensuring the best...

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Personal Care Attendants: Home and Health Assistance

Do you have a hard time managing your medications? Do you fear the bathroom due to limited mobility and other circumstances? Was managing your household seems overwhelming for you? Are you having difficulties with monitoring your chronic condition?...

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Importance of Going Out and Staying Social in Seniors

Many seniors prefer to age in place in their homes where they can spend their retirement years in peace. While enjoying your golden years in familiar surroundings, there could be days when you are feeling empty and bored, especially when living...

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