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Care Services in Aid and Attendance Pension Program

As sunset approaches, we remind ourselves of the good old days and memories that have passed, and every individual, especially veterans who transitioned into being civilians, deserves to receive quality care in their homes. Personal Care Services MidSouth extend our appreciation and support for veterans and their surviving spouses through our Aid & Attendance Pension Program. This program aims to assist veterans with the cost of long-term care in a facility or the veteran’s own home. Our team assists in the application process. We also pay the home care costs while the application is being processed by the VA. Once the pension is approved, you can repay us from the VA reimbursement. The veteran members will receive the following home care services in their homes:

  • We coordinate the care and support services with other healthcare providers, such as your physician, ensuring your needs are met efficiently and effectively. Aside from that, we ensure that you receive round-the-clock support for your overall health. We prioritize your independence and comfort in your home by assisting you with your daily tasks.
  • Our caregivers provide mobility and transportation assistance whenever you want to go outside, visit your doctor, and spend quality time outdoors. We make sure you are comfortable and safe in your home. These care services apply to veterans with mobility challenges, limited vision, and mental and physical challenges.
  • We provide nutritious and delicious meals, taking into consideration your dietary needs and preferences. Veterans can have well-balanced and healthy meals, saving time and effort in the kitchen. A clean and organized environment is essential for your overall well-being. Thus, we ensure your home is well-maintained and free from unnecessary health risks.
  • Lastly, loneliness and isolation can be inevitable when aging in place. Our caregivers offer a listening ear and ensure emotional, mental, and social well-being.

Our home care services within Aid & Attendance Pension Program support veterans’ well-being – bringing comfort and relief while maintaining independence as they enjoy their lives. This is our way to express our heartfelt gratitude to veteran members. To arrange a consultation or assessment with us, contact our team.

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