What Could You Include in a Care Journal?

Care journals sound a bit like just one more thing for you to do, but keeping one can make your life as a caregiver so much easier than you might expect.

Elderly Care Collierville TN - What Could You Include in a Care Journal?
Elderly Care Collierville TN – What Could You Include in a Care Journal?

Managing Safety Concerns in Order of Importance

Part of being a caregiver involves keeping track of safety issues and how and when those are going to get corrected. Some might be small issues, like hanging a handrail in a hallway. Others might be bigger and require a budget, like widening some door frames or installing a ramp to enter the house. When you’ve got everything in one place, it’s easier to prioritize what needs to be done now and what can be done with little effort or money. You also won’t forget anything.

Keeping Track of Symptoms

So much of maintaining your senior’s health involves paying attention to symptoms and how medications and other treatments change those symptoms. If you’ve got one location in which to keep note of those symptoms, it’s a lot easier for you to notice patterns and changes that might not mean a lot until you really look. This is also a really handy log of information to bring to her doctor.

Meal, Sleep, and Activity Logs

As important as symptoms are, there are other variables that matter, too. What your senior is eating, and when, can tell you and her doctor a lot. So can sleep logs and activity records. These may not have to be exact down to the last calorie, but they’re a good way to start noticing things like caffeine too late in the day or a little too much salt creeping into her diet.

Notes about Medical Visits

It’s also tough sometimes to keep up with everything that you learn in doctor’s appointments. There’s a lot to keep up with and having your notes in one place allows you to look back at what’s changed and what you’re doing now. You could also have a spot to jot down questions to take with you to the next visit, just in case you notice something going on.

A care journal can be one book that you carry with you to keep track of a variety of different things. The best part of using one is that you’re able to share that information with others and they can update information as needed for you. This is especially helpful with elderly care providers, so you make sure you’re all on the same page.

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