Fun Fall Crafts for Seniors

Fall has officially arrived, and will soon be followed by the signs, smells, and sounds that we all associate with the season. If your senior or loved one who is receiving senior care at home is looking for ways to get creative and add some festive Fall flair to their home, these ideas may be for you.

Grab the senior in your life, light a candle, put on your cozy slippers and your softest sweater and dig out your craft supplies as we get our Fall on!

Senior Care Collierville TN - Fun Fall Crafts for Seniors
Senior Care Collierville TN – Fun Fall Crafts for Seniors

Make a Wreath

A fun and festive wreath on the door is a great way to announce the coming season. It’s also a fairly simple task requiring a wreath ring from your local craft store, a hot glue gun, and whatever Fall-related decor your senior wants to add. We like to find faux leaves in the shades of Fall- deep reds, yellows, and oranges, and fasten them around the circular ring using small amounts of hot glue. If you want to get really crafty, you can add a big bow or a block letter representing your senior’s last name for added charm. Your senior will love seeing their finished product and their neighbors will appreciate the festive spirit.

Helpful tip: Hot glue guns can be dangerous, so make sure that you or your senior’s caregivers take over glue duty or supervise them closely to prevent any injures.

Carve a Pumpkin

It doesn’t get more “Fall” than pumpkins! When was the last time that the senior in your life had the opportunity to carve a pumpkin? If it’s been a while, and is something they would like to do, lay out some newspaper, gather your supplies and the perfect pumpkin, and get creative!

It’s fun to allow seniors to draw their own design and then trace it into the face of the pumpkin, and don’t forget that many people like to bake and eat the seeds!

Helpful tip: Carving tools are sharp, so leave this to someone other than your senior. Also consider using battery-operated lights so they don’t have to use candles or matches.

Paint a Fall Scene

If you have any paints laying around, like non-toxic acrylics or even a set of watercolors, a fun idea for Fall is letting your senior paint an Autumn scene right in the comfort of their own home!

Using bold, bright colors of the season, ask them to paint whatever comes to mind when they think of Fall. Let it dry overnight and frame their original artwork so they see it every day and get to appreciate their talent and the season that much more.

Helpful tip: If you have a large oversized old t-shirt, those work well as paint attire.

If your loved one requires senior care in their home, brighten up the place with their own Fall designs that they will have year after year! It doesn’t take much talent and your senior will enjoy having the opportunity to spend time with you while making their masterpieces.

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