Is Too Much Caregiver Stress Making You Sick?

Caregiver Cordova TN - Is Too Much Caregiver Stress Making You Sick?
Caregiver Cordova TN – Is Too Much Caregiver Stress Making You Sick?

Are you feeling like everything stresses you out? If so, you are not alone because family caregivers have a high risk of developing chronic stress. Stress over a short amount of time is normal, but when family caregivers devote themselves to caring for an elderly relative but don’t arrange to care for themselves, it causes major health issues. This condition is known as caregiver stress and it can have long-term effects on a person’s health and wellness.

When the stress is simply too much, you must build up a support network of friends and family to help you and your aging loved one out. You should also look at hiring a home care provider, a dependable and professional caregiver that is experienced in caring for seniors. The more people you can pull together to back you up and look out for your elderly relative, the more respite you will have.

Just remember that you cannot do it all and you need to recognize the symptoms of chronic stress in yourself before it causes long-term harm. Here are a few symptoms common in family caregivers:

Abnormal Appetite

Stress seriously affects a person’s appetite and can even lead to nausea and vomiting in extreme cases. Typically, the family caregiver experiences a loss of appetite, but it’s also common for them to deal with stress by overeating—not because they are hungry but as a coping mechanism. Family caregivers need to have nutritious meals and healthy food, avoid drugs and alcohol and drink plenty of water. If they are too stressed to eat healthy, a home care provider should take over some of the duties.

Fatigue and Lack of Focus

Stressed-out family caregivers often have diminished ability to focus. Whether they become forgetful and flighty or fall into a deep lethargy, it’s hard for them to be attentive to their aging relative’s needs in this state. Not only will they forget small things, but big and important issues may also get past them. Home care providers can certainly take over many of the assisting duties that make family caregivers so exhausted.

Poor Health and Wellness

Studies show that chronic stress can weaken the immune system, which opens the door for all kinds of germs and viruses to enter the body. Many family caregivers also complain of headaches, gastrointestinal distress, chest pains, insomnia and nausea that are all stress-related. Moodiness, frustration, anxiety and depression are all common in family caregivers that have no balance to their lives and are overstressed.

You should not have to suffer under the burden of too much stress when there is an easy solution that helps both you and your elderly relative. Hiring a home care provider is the best way to guarantee that the family caregiver has regular time away from the aging adult’s house and the duties within it. When family caregivers have time to look after their own families, jobs and hobbies, they’ll end up in better mental and physical shape, making them better caregivers than ever.

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