How Do You Move More When You Hate to Exercise?

When you don’t enjoy exercising, it’s difficult to see how to you can add more of it to your day. You might not even see why that’s a priority. But as a caregiver, adding even a little bit of exercise to your day in a way that is fun can enrich your life greatly.

Caregiver Cordova TN - How Do You Move More When You Hate to Exercise?
Caregiver Cordova TN – How Do You Move More When You Hate to Exercise?

Crank up the Tunes

Music that you love is bound to get you moving. Even if that extra movement starts with a wiggle here and a wiggle there, that’s something. Start cranking up the tunes a little more often. Try to include music that really gets you fired up and that makes you want to move as much as possible. A few times a week, put on some really rocking tunes that give you a burst of energy.

Stretch Your Muscles throughout the Day

Your muscles take a beating throughout the day. Take the time several times a day to consciously stretch them and give them some relief. Stretching also helps to keep your joints as limber as possible, which can be helpful if you’re already starting to experience some pain in your joints as it is. At first you might find that it helps to set an alarm to remind you to get up and stretch a little bit.

Try Walking in Place

Spare time and energy is not something that a caregiver has a lot of. What you might have, though, are times where you’re stuck in one situation or another. Try standing while you work or, better yet, walking in place for a little while. You’ll get the benefits of walking, even if you’re not literally covering some ground. It’s also something you can do in your down time. Watch your favorite show, but walk in place during the commercials. When the show comes back, rest and enjoy.

Car Dancing Is Totally a Thing

Believe it or not, car dancing is not only possible but it’s completely a thing. How often have you been stuck in traffic and had some awesome songs cranking through your radio? Take advantage of that time and go ahead and dance along to your favorite tunes. It’s not exactly a fully body workout, but you are getting a lot of movement in and it can be a lot of fun.

Moving more as a caregiver is really important. Even if you’re not exercising in a traditional sense, you’re getting more movement in which is going to help your stamina and your muscle tone. All of that is incredibly useful to you.

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