What Makes People Unhappy in Senior Years


As our loved ones become older, their usual activities become limited. And not being able to freely engage in their usual capacity saddens them and lowers their self-esteem even more.

What are the other possible reasons why seniors become unhappy?

  • Loss of a loved one
    Being with each other for a long time, cuddling, eating, and doing things together, seniors may become unhappy about losing a dearly beloved one. And this could result in developing depression and anxiety in the long run.
  • Financial problems
    Many people miss the chance or do not plan for their retirement at all. Not being able to provide for their own needs, especially when diseases arise, seniors develop negative emotions such as emptiness or frustration.
  • Relationship issues within the family
    Seniors feel secure and loved when they have strong family relationships. With the occurrence of problems, family members, especially seniors, may feel confused and exhausted. They often become sad or angry, causing intermittent explosive disorder or IED.
  • Being away from loved ones
    Being isolated from family for a long period, seniors struggle with negative emotions and severe loneliness. They could develop higher risks of mental conditions such as cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Illnesses
    As they get older, seniors have limited functional activities, which may result in serious illnesses such as osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis. And with a lack of physical activities, they tend to have mobility problems. And this may weaken their immune system and trigger high blood pressure and heart disease.

Undergoing healthcare services from Personal Care Services MidSouth can help them improve mobility, engage in a healthy lifestyle, and improve overall wellness. They will have a companion to talk to and a person to be with them as they face the difficulties of old age.

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