Storm Safety: Does Your Mom Know What to Do in a Thunderstorm?

Senior Care Millington TN - Storm Safety: Does Your Mom Know What to Do in a Thunderstorm?
Senior Care Millington TN – Storm Safety: Does Your Mom Know What to Do in a Thunderstorm?

Texas Tech University collected statistics on storms. Lightning strikes injure approximately 300 people per year. Flooding leads to more than 1,700 being injured. Thunderstorms, strong winds, hail, and lightning account for more than 150 deaths each year.

Your mom spends plenty of time in her gardens or walking her dog. She lives near trees, a river, or lake. Does she really know what to do if something happens during a thunderstorm?

Stay Inside

If a storm is approaching, your mom needs to stay inside. She needs to stay away from windows and fireplaces or wood stoves. Homes are usually grounded against lightning strikes, but that’s not always fail proof. There are cases of lighting traveling down a chimney. If that happens, brick and stone hearths may explode and strike anyone nearby.

If your mom is outside and can’t get safely inside, she needs to get to low ground. She shouldn’t be on a hilltop or open field. She also wants to avoid being in water or around metal posts and fences. A tall tree could draw lightning. A group of low bushes is a better shelter than a grove of tall trees.

Stay on a Lower Level Inside, Too

If your mom is in a multi-level house, she should avoid the top floor and away from exterior walls. High winds can topple trees. If a tree hits the house, she wants as much of a buffer as possible. Being away from walls that are closest to tree lines will help.

Turn Off and Unplug Appliances

Your mom needs to turn off her TV, computer, and other large appliances. Surges of electricity can damage the appliances even if you use surge protectors. It’s best to unplug these items from an outlet during a strong storm.

Avoid Running Water

In a thunderstorm with lots of lightning, your mom shouldn’t take a shower, wash dishes, or sit on the toilet. Lightning can travel through the water.

Watch for Flooding

Homes that are near lakes, streams, and rivers may be at risk of flooding with a sudden downpour. If your mom sees water creeping up her yard, she needs to call emergency services to be evacuated. If that’s not possible, she should go to the highest point in the house.

Being out on the roof after the lightning passes is ideal. With lightning strikes, she should aim for an attic or top floor of the home while still trying to avoid windows and walls towards tree lines. She can bring a cell phone to alert authorities to her location and how high the flood waters are.

Discuss these protective measures regularly to make sure your mom knows what to do. If she can’t handle a storm on her own, she could be ready for senior care services. They can offer her companionship while helping with household chores and supervision on walks. Call our senior care agency to discuss other services caregivers provide.


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