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Could a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist Help Your Dad?

Does your dad have to stop driving after a stroke, diagnosis of MS, change of visual health, or condition like Parkinson’s? You might think it’s important to take his keys. It doesn’t have to be the case. Before making any final decision, talk to his doctor. Ask about driver rehabilitation programs.

Senior Care Memphis TN - Could a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist Help Your Dad?
Senior Care Memphis TN – Could a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist Help Your Dad?

What Changes That Makes Driving Unsafe?

Sometimes, it’s easy to point out the reasons your dad shouldn’t drive. After a stroke, he can’t move his left arm or leg. If he can’t move his foot from one pedal to the next or hold the steering wheel, it’s not safe to drive.

If your dad has been diagnosed with glaucoma, he may be able to drive but only at certain hours. If he has diabetes, he shouldn’t have too many restrictions as long as he maintains his blood sugar levels. It’s situations like that when you might want to have his driving assessed by a professional in driver rehabilitation.

Here are things you should consider when you’re trying to decide if your dad would benefit from driver rehabilitation.

He adjusts his seat and mirror correctly.

He checks over both shoulders before changing lanes or backing up.

He’s able to get in and out of the car without a struggle.

He can turn his head completely and isn’t restricted.

He hasn’t mistaken the brake pedal and accelerator.

He stays in his lane.

He drives at an appropriate speed.

He doesn’t have a hard time with the glare at night.

He stops correctly at traffic lights or stop signs.

His health is good, and he sees his doctor regularly.

If you find your dad making mistakes while driving, it’s a good time to have a professional assess his driving skills. You may want to schedule an eye exam at the eye doctor to make sure his vision is okay, too.

What is Driver Rehabilitation?

Driver rehabilitation specialists work one-on-one with people to assess driving abilities, reaction times, critical thinking skills, and vision. If there is a chance to rebuild skills and make driving possible, therapy programs are developed and worked on.

The specialist will decide if adaptive technology like hand controls is needed. If it is going to help, your dad would learn how to use that adaptive technology. After evaluations and training, a road test is given to help determine when it’s safe for your dad to drive alone.

There is a chance that your dad won’t ever have the right skills, reaction times, or visual acuity to drive again. If that happens, senior care is a viable solution. Your dad could rely on a senior care aide to drive him to area businesses, friends’ houses, or medical practices. Call our senior care agency now to learn more.

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