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What Can You Do about Embarrassing Outings with Your Senior?

As your senior gets older, you might find that she has more embarrassing outbursts than you’ve ever experienced with her before. The first few times that this happens, you might feel as if you just don’t know what to do. As her caregiver, you’re going to have to learn as much as you can about what’s causing the situation and what works and what doesn’t.

Senior Care Germantown TN - What Can You Do about Embarrassing Outings with Your Senior?
Senior Care Germantown TN – What Can You Do about Embarrassing Outings with Your Senior?

Get to Know What Helps to Relieve Her Discomfort

If your elderly family member is prone to experiencing difficulty with being out in public, there may be something that helps her to recover and to feel calmer. There may be a favorite song or perhaps activity, like walking, helps her to burn off the anxiety and adrenaline she’s feeling. Whatever you know helps her to feel calmer, try that when she’s having a moment out and about.

Check for Triggers Before Planning Certain Outings

It helps if you also pay attention to some details before you and your senior head out. What kind of day has she had already? If she’s already been experiencing a troubling day, her fuse is likely to be a lot shorter out in public. Also, other details like big crowds and loud noises might be things that cause her to have greater difficulty in public. Factor these details in when you make plans so that you can be better prepared.

Bring Help When You Do Go Out

Depending on your senior’s needs in general, it might be a good idea to bring help with you when you go out. This could be done by bringing along a senior care aide. You can be the most well-informed caregiver there is and still feel out of your element if your senior has a complicated meltdown. Having an extra pair of hands, like a senior care aide, who can pitch in with solutions can be incredibly helpful.

Set up a Time to Talk to Her Doctor

You may want to talk to your senior’s doctor, especially if these types of outbursts are a new thing for your senior. It’s possible that these issues are happening more frequently for a reason. Changes to your senior’s health or in her medications, including dosages, can all play a part in what you’re witnessing when you’re out in public with her.

It’s difficult to deal with what can appear from the outside to basically be a tantrum. Your senior is really just overwhelmed and doesn’t have the capability at that moment to keep a handle on her emotions. Compassion and love are going to be your best tools in this situation.

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