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Can Lung Issues Have a Bigger Health Impact for Your Senior?

Respiratory issues like asthma or COPD create big issues for your senior, both now and down the road. It’s important to understand just what lung issues do to affect your elderly family member personally because there may be more that you can do to correct those problems than you think.

Oxygen Is Crucial

In-Home Care Millington TN - Can Lung Issues Have a Bigger Health Impact for Your Senior?
In-Home Care Millington TN – Can Lung Issues Have a Bigger Health Impact for Your Senior?

The most important thing to remember is how crucial oxygen is to your senior’s overall well-being. Every organ and cell in your senior’s body needs oxygen in order to function properly. She brings that oxygen in through her lungs and when she’s having problems with lung health, that affects how well she can bring oxygen into her body. It’s all connected and understanding that gives you a chance to do more for your senior.

She May Be More at Risk for Lung Infections

Any part of your senior’s body that isn’t working the way it’s supposed to is likely to be more vulnerable. The same is true for her lungs. When your senior’s lungs aren’t as strong as they could be, they’re more likely to develop infections easily. This leads to a vicious cycle in which her lungs are generally weaker and less healthy. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how to help her to avoid lung infections and other health issues that could affect her lungs.

Her Overall Strength Can Be an Issue

When your senior is sick more, not breathing well, and generally not getting the oxygen that her body needs, she’s more likely to feel weaker overall. She could even be more susceptible to other health issues, like more difficulty regulating her blood sugar because she’s not feeling well and therefore not eating as well. All of this is related and has an impact.

She May Not Feel Like Doing Much

Beyond the physical issues, though, your senior’s mood can be dramatically impacted. She may not feel like doing much, and that can have a vicious cycle effect, too. Your elderly family member might be frustrated by what’s more difficult for her to do now, too. Having help from in-home care providers can enable her to continue to have a high quality of life overall, even if she’s not handling some tasks on her own any longer.

Respiratory issues have far-reaching effects for your senior. Make sure that you and your senior talk to her doctor about the best plan for keeping her as healthy as possible.

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