Can You Avoid Setting Your Senior Off?

If your elderly family member tends to go off on an angry tangent more often than not, that takes a toll on you and makes caregiving infinitely more difficult. Try these ideas to see if you can find a way to avoid sending her into that sort of mood.

If You Know What Makes Her Mad, Don’t Poke the Bear

Homecare Millington TN - Can You Avoid Setting Your Senior Off?
Homecare Millington TN – Can You Avoid Setting Your Senior Off?

Chances are really good that you know at least a few of the situations or topics that are likely to set your senior off into a bad mood. It’s not possible to avoid all of them with her, especially if some of them are situational and happen often. If there are topics you absolutely can’t avoid, at least try to approach them as non-confrontationally as you possibly can.

Have Some Alternative Topics Ready to Go

What brings joy to your senior? There has to be something that gives her a good feeling and a happy mood. If she’s already well into the angry zone, these topics might not do what you need done. But if you have a running list of good activities, topics, and other things you can toss out there, you might be able to defuse a few more conversational bombs than you thought possible.

Try Using the Power of Distraction

Distraction can work well, too. Shifting your senior’s attention might not be easy, but it’s possible. Distraction is especially important if your senior has cognitive illnesses, like dementia, that interfere with her ability to reason through the situation that has upset her. Keep a few activities on hand or even a healthy snack. Anything that can snag her attention might be beneficial.

Avoid Arguing as Much as Possible

One tactic that you want to avoid is arguing with your elderly family member. Arguing is not going to work. What it will do is set up a situation that is you versus your senior and she’ll see that as a direct challenge. Using logic or trying to talk your senior around to the “correct” way of thinking is only going to worsen everything. Sometimes just agreeing with her, even if she’s not right, can be the most beneficial way for you to respond overall.

Ultimately, you may need some more time away from your senior. Walking on eggshells isn’t fun for anyone and it’s especially difficult to care for someone when you’re doing so. Hire homecare providers and make sure that you’re taking plenty of time away for yourself.

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