Stress Can Be a Major Component of Safety Concerns for Seniors

People who are worried constantly about certain things will be stressed. That’s just the natural component of life; when we are always worried about things, it leads to stress. Stress is an interesting component of life, especially considering the fact almost everyone experiences stress on a regular basis.

However, for some seniors, worries about safety can lead to increased stress that can affect their health and, ironically enough, their very own safety. That’s because if an aging senior is worried about his or her safety, but does nothing to actually improve their physical surroundings, that stress can overwhelm their mind and cause distractions, ultimately leading to a potential fall or serious injuries.

How can a senior improve safety and reduce stress?

Homecare Cordova TN - Stress Can Be a Major Component of Safety Concerns for Seniors
Homecare Cordova TN – Stress Can Be a Major Component of Safety Concerns for Seniors

Being proactive is one of the most important components of safety for anyone, regardless of age. Just consider your own safety for a moment.

Perhaps you’ve been rushing around trying to look after this elderly person in your life, work a full-time job, or maybe even have several part-time jobs. When you have very little time left over at the end of the day, what do you tend to do while driving from one place to the next?

You probably speed, roll through a stop sign if there’s nobody else at the intersection, and so forth. Is that really putting your safety as a top priority? No, it isn’t. Neither is running up and down stairs, going as fast you can and never realizing just how close you come to losing your balance or tripping over something.

By slowing down and taking time to think about things more critically, you may be able to see the various risk factors you overlook every single day. The same can be true of an aging senior in your life.

There are often many risks that people take without even realizing it, every single day. One of those risks for an aging senior might be taking a shower.

This is something they’ve done over and over again for most of their life, never thinking twice about it. Yet, with diminishing strength and a loss of balance, they could be putting themselves at an increased risk of slipping down and falling while stepping into or out of the shower.

Grab bars and a shower seat with a detachable showerhead can all be beneficial at reducing certain risk factors involving safety. By working with that aging senior and going through their concerns and what stresses them out about their safety, it may help them not only be safer, but also experience less stressed every day. Having homecare providers step in for a few hours a week can be a relief and help you assess the situation.

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