Should You Stop Taking a Parent With Alzheimer’s Disease Out?

Your dad has Alzheimer’s and it’s progressing. He loves going out to eat. As much as you want to keep treating him to dinner out, his agitated outbursts are making it hard. Is there a point where it’s better to stop taking a parent out when Alzheimer’s disease is present?

Home Health Care Germantown TN - Should You Stop Taking a Parent With Alzheimer's Disease Out?
Home Health Care Germantown TN – Should You Stop Taking a Parent With Alzheimer’s Disease Out?

Wandering is Risky

Your dad is important so consider the security of the restaurant. If your attention is distracted for even a few seconds, is there a chance your dad could wander off? If you have to go to the bathroom, is there another family member to stay with your dad while you do? If he has to go, is the bathroom near any back exits that he could accidentally use?

Many restaurants and stores have emergency exits. If your dad got through one, you’d be searching an unfamiliar location trying to find him. It’s not ideal.

How Will You React If He Has an Outburst?

If your dad becomes frustrated or agitated and starts yelling and pushing you away, what will you do? People are going to stare. Some will try to intervene. Others will make rude comments. You have to be able to stay calm and try to distract your dad to change his mood. Is it something you’ll be able to do with all eyes on you?

Does He Eat Well?

As Alzheimer’s progresses, your dad may not like the taste of the foods he used to love. He may have a harder time chewing and swallowing. If you’re in a restaurant setting, are you okay with the extra mess he may make? Are you supplied to wipe his face and hands and help him cut his meat up into bite-sized pieces?

If he used to love hamburgers but now hates them, is there something on the menu that will appeal to him. He’s going to struggle reading a menu, so you’ll need to narrow it down to two or three items for him. If you’re taking him out, check out the menu before you leave to make sure the restaurant will appeal to him.

When your parent reaches this stage, around-the-clock supervision is important. You need to take breaks. Make sure you’ve arranged respite care services. Talk to our respite care agency to talk about prices and schedules that allow you to take breaks without leaving your mom or dad alone. Home health care service keep your parent safe and make sure you don’t burn out.

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