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Five Safety Precautions that Need to Become Habits for Your Senior

Home Care Cordova TN – Five Safety Precautions that Need to Become Habits for Your Senior
Home Care Cordova TN – Five Safety Precautions that Need to Become Habits for Your Senior

As your elderly family member ages, there are some habits that she can start to incorporate into her daily routine that can help her to be safer.

Turn on Lights

Lighting can be one of the biggest safety tools that your elderly family member can use. She may start to need more lighting and at times of the day that are unusual for you and for other people. Early in the afternoon, for example, it may be just dim enough that your senior needs artificial lighting. One solution is to use timers for lights or to set them up with motion sensors.

Keep Paths Clear

Clutter is one of the bigger issues that can pose a tripping hazard for your elderly family member. It’s one thing to be able to clear a pathway of clutter and obstacles, but it’s another to maintain that open space. You’ll need to make sure that you’re continuing to clear those pathways regularly to reduce the likelihood of tripping and falling.

Put on Shoes First Thing

Shoes in the house may be a new concept for your aging adult, but they can be incredibly helpful tools in terms of safety. Make sure that your senior has sturdy, non-slip shoes that fit her well. If your elderly family member doesn’t like the idea of wearing shoes in the house that have been outside, then a pair of shoes that she wears only inside might be the answer.

Maintain Assistive Devices

Assistive devices like canes and walkers seem really simple, but they do require some maintenance in order to keep your senior safe. Whatever assistive devices your senior uses, make sure that you understand how they work and how to maintain them properly. Some devices, such as an electric wheelchair, may involve complex maintenance that you might need to have someone else handle.

Encourage Her to Rest More Often

Many aging adults can feel as if they need to be doing more or pushing through exhaustion and other issues to accomplish tasks. By encouraging your elderly family member to rest more often, she’ll be in a better place to have the energy to accomplish what she truly must do on her own.

If you and your senior need some assistance making these habits a regular part of her daily routine, home care providers can help. Home care providers can also help you to spot other safety considerations that would be helpful for you and your elderly family member to incorporate.

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