Four Ways to Inspire Other Family Members to Pitch In

Keeping other family members involved in your senior’s care might be a big goal for you, but it’s sometimes difficult to get them to cooperate. You might feel as if you’ve tried everything to convince them to step up to the plate more often, but what could be missing?

Elderly Care Memphis TN - Four Ways to Inspire Other Family Members to Pitch In
Elderly Care Memphis TN – Four Ways to Inspire Other Family Members to Pitch In

Be Super Clear about What You Need and Want

When you’re as clear as you can be about what you want and what you need in terms of help, that makes it easier for you to express those wants and needs to other people. Lots of times what stops other family members from helping is that they don’t understand how to help you or your senior. When you can eliminate that problem, that gives you much better results, right from the start.

Assess How You’re Asking for Help

The other stumbling block you might not realize you’re hitting is often that you’re asking for help in a way that defeats that purpose. Your tone of voice, the words that you choose, and even the timing of your ask can all make a huge difference in whether you get the help you need or not. Using guilting language or communicating in a vague way won’t help your cause at all. Get really honest with yourself about how you’re asking for help and how that might be creating a problem for you.

Remember that Other People Are Busy, Too

Everyone has priorities in their lives and sometimes people have situations going on that you don’t know about. Think about it from the standpoint that few people know everything that you do during an average day. It’s the same for others. They have obligations and responsibilities that require them to be present, just like you do. In fact, some of their responsibilities might keep them from being able to help you as much as they would like to.

Remember You Have Other Options

There are other options, but often caregivers overlook them. Elderly care providers can help you in ways that even family members may not be able to offer. Elderly care providers have got experience in assisting older adults and their caregivers. You might start to find that you can relax a bit, too, because they’re able to handle situations without you needing to micromanage or worry.

It’s always nice to have help from other family members when you’re a caregiver. You and your senior both enjoy spending time with those that you love, but they may not be able to help out as much as you’d really like.

Excerpt: As a caregiver, there are probably times when you wish other family members would help out a lot more.

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