What Can Your Senior Eat if She Needs to Stick with Softer Foods?  

If your elderly family member is in need of soft food ideas, you both might have gotten a little bit frustrated trying to think of different ideas that are also interesting. These options might help a bit.

Elderly Care Bartlett TN - What Can Your Senior Eat if She Needs to Stick with Softer Foods?  
Elderly Care Bartlett TN – What Can Your Senior Eat if She Needs to Stick with Softer Foods?


Eggs are a soft food go to because you almost can’t make eggs in a way that is difficult to eat. They’re also really high in protein, which can be something your elderly family member isn’t getting enough of on a regular basis. But as great as eggs can be, some people find them boring.


Cold cereals can get soggy enough for someone who enjoys soft foods, but sometimes they’re too soft. Another option is warm cereals or cereals that need a little cooking, like oatmeal. Overnight oats is another option. You simply put a serving of oats, water or milk, and toppings into a container in the fridge overnight. The next day, the oats are soft and you can either heat the entire container or enjoy the oatmeal cool.

Stews and Soups 

Soups and stews often simmer for hours, which makes sure that all the ingredients are soft and that the flavors have all melded. One idea that can work well is to make a big batch of soup or stew and then freeze individual servings. Then your elderly family member can just heat up those individual servings when she wants that particular flavor.

Cottage Cheese 

Cottage cheese is tasty and it offers both protein and calcium from the milk contents. It also is a little more solid than yogurt, so it can feel more substantial. Your senior can dress up cottage cheese with fruits, preserves, or even vegetable purees to make the cottage cheese more interesting, too. It’s a great option whether you go sweet or savory.

Pasta Dishes 

Most pasta dishes are easy to make soft, too. Even if your elderly family member just enjoys cooked noodles with a little bit of butter and cheese, that can work. As long as the sauces and accompaniments that you include with the pasta are also soft, this can work really well.

Purees and Smoothies 

Smoothies and purees are really great choices if your elderly family member has trouble swallowing or doesn’t enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. You can hide some extra spinach in a chocolate milkshake, for instance, and that gets some extra nutrients into your senior.

Try some of these ideas to find the combinations that your senior enjoys the most. If she finds it difficult to make some of these dishes herself, it might be time to hire elderly care providers to help with cooking. Elderly care providers can make foods that are just the right texture and make sure that your senior is getting plenty of nutrients at the same time.

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