How to Make the Most of Bringing Food to Your Elderly Loved One

Elderly Care Arlington TN

Elderly Care Arlington TNMany family caregivers bring food to their elderly loved ones regularly, but find that they run into roadblocks too often.

Some of these suggestions might make the task easier for you.

Use Dishes You Don’t Need or Want Back

Bringing food to your loved one is such a welcome way to show that you care and that you’re thinking of her. But when you use dishes that need to be cleaned and returned, that can add a little bit of extra hassle to the experience. Instead, try using disposable containers or containers that are easy to maintain. Bringing over a heavy casserole dish may be too much for your loved one to deal with.

Think Through the Storage Needs of the Meal

Your elderly loved one may need to eat more salads or other types of foods that you’re perfectly willing to make for her. The problem can be that some of those foods may be ones that she doesn’t eat right away, so storing them can become an issue. If you’re bringing a salad, for example, make sure that you don’t dress it beforehand. If you do, the salad will wilt, even if it’s in the fridge. Sensitive dishes, such as fish that’s high in omega-3 fatty acids, is great for your loved one to eat, but has to be eaten right away. You might want to save those types of ideas for nights you’re eating with your loved one right then.

Make Sure the Food You Bring Is Food Your Loved One Can and Will Eat

If you’re making meals for a picky eater, then you likely already know the pitfalls that you’re facing. It’s essential that you make sure that whatever you’re making fits your loved one’s dietary needs and that it’s something she’ll actually eat. Try sitting down with your loved one and planning out meals so that you can hit the target more often.

Provide Thorough Instructions if Someone Else will Help with Prepping the Food

There may be times that you can’t be there to help your loved one reheat dinner or to enjoy the food that you’ve brought her. In those cases, it’s a great idea to tape an index card with heating and storage information to the container. Then, if your elderly loved one’s home care providers or other family members are helping out, they don’t have to guess what to do.

As you get more practice bringing food to your elderly loved one, you’ll learn what works best for her particular situation.

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