Are These Situations Making Stress Worse for You?

You need to be taking care of yourself, even while you take care of your senior. And sometimes that means getting to the bottom of what might be creating even more stress for you. When you take the time to do that deep dive into what’s creating bigger issues you can get more creative about solutions that actually solve the problem.

Caregiver Oakland TN - Are These Situations Making Stress Worse for You?
Caregiver Oakland TN – Are These Situations Making Stress Worse for You?

Arguing Is All You and Your Senior Do

You and your senior might love each other, but that doesn’t mean you don’t argue, sometimes a lot. She may have one idea about how this whole caregiving thing should be going while you have a completely different idea in mind. She might also be resisting some cold, hard facts, like that driving is flat out dangerous for her at this stage. If you can come to an agreement about not arguing as much, that can help you both.

The Rest of Your Life Is Stressful

You’re a caregiver, but that’s not all that you are. You have a lot of other aspects to your life, too, and modern living is not without stress. There might be other people you’re taking care of on a regular basis, then you have to factor in everything else that you’re responsible for handling. Learning to manage your stress is going to help in every area of your life.

You Need More Help

It’s important that you have help when you need it, otherwise caregiving is going to continue to become more overwhelming. Take some time and figure out what you need the most in terms of help. From there you can start to piece together where you can access resources that you can use.

You Didn’t Have a Choice about Caregiving

One reason you might be feeling a lot more stress than you expect is that you didn’t feel like you had a choice in becoming a caregiver. Perhaps it was just assumed that you would always take care of your senior or everyone else made it clear they wouldn’t take over. Regardless, you might have accepted the responsibility, but grudgingly. This situation can be a complicated one and you need to take care of yourself during the process. It might help to work with a counselor, particularly one who has experience with caregiving situations.

Examining your stress is going to help you to find solutions for it. There’s no one right answer, but you might land on several different ways that you can start to take charge of what you’re feeling.

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