The New Year’s Settling In … Has Life as a Caregiver Improved?

Caregiver Cordova TN

Caregiver Cordova TN Now that the new year is in full swing, your life as a family caregiver, taking care of your mother or father, perhaps, can still feel a bit out of control, can’t it? Has anything improved, especially with regard to the amount of stress and anxiety you may be feeling as a family caregiver?

Most of us have a tendency to underestimate just how much stress and pressure we can feel the moment we begin taking on the responsibilities of being a family caregiver.

Perhaps right around the turn of the new year you said to yourself you would do things differently. Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution about taking better care of yourself, making more time for yourself, and eliminating some of the stress you feel in life.

How is that going right now?

We may only be a couple of weeks into the new year or perhaps a month or two, but it’s important to evaluate how much of an impact stress is having on your life.

As a family caregiver, stress can affect every aspect of life.

You might not think about it at first, especially when your elderly parent or other loved one only requires minimal assistance every few days. However, usually the more help somebody receives, the more they begin to rely upon it and call on it more frequently. This ultimately takes a greater toll on the caregivers time and life.

Are you taking better care of yourself?

Are you making time for exercise? Are you eating healthy? Or are you rushing around all day long with little time to think about anything other than the basic responsibilities you already have, which can include a full-time job, raising children of your own, and taking care of this elderly family member?

In most cases, a family caregiver, even though they have the best intentions of changing things and improving their outlook and reducing stress levels, simply don’t have the opportunity to make those changes. That’s because the demands of this job (yes, it is a job) are tremendous.

The more support and elderly individual requires, the more pressure it places on their primary caregiver.
If you don’t notice an improvement in your life or a reduction in the stress you feel as a family caregiver, it’s time to seriously consider the prospect of hiring a home care aide. Maybe you avoided the subject for some reason or another, but now is the time to revisit it.

Believe it or not, hiring an aide can actually improve the quality of care and help you reduce a tremendous amount of stress in your own life.

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