Personal Care Services MidSouth will meet the care requirements of elderly family members, the mobility challenged, and those in need of assistance with daily living activities. We address such needs through a multi-disciplinary scope of home care in Covington, Tennessee. Whether you just recently came home from the hospital or had surgery, our staff can help you ease back into your life at home and maintain your best health for as long as possible. We find a sense of fulfillment every time we help our clients achieve a quality life – and maintain it.

caregiver and senior woman sitting on the bench outside
We know that there are many factors at home to consider. However, because Personal Care Services MidSouth is insistent on quality, we find ways to enable the patient to take comfort that a professional is at their side. All members of our care team have been thoroughly briefed and extensively experienced in dealing with patients who have various health conditions: developmental disabilities, undergoing stroke recovery, terminally ill, recuperating from injuries, rehabilitation from an accident and memory impairments (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia).

To ensure that we will be providing you with the appropriate response to your conditions when we deliver care services to you at home, please contact our office at 901-443-1191. We can help you decide which path to take, and we’ll guide you through each step of the treatment or care plan.