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Personal Care Services MidSouth has elected to offer the benefit of electronic deposit to all employees. Electronic deposit is the most convenient, secure and affordable way to be paid. Those employees who currently have a bank relationship will use their existing account to receive electronic deposits. Those employees without a bank account are offered the Skylight PayCard. The Skylight PayCard is available to everyone regardless of credit history and successful applicant verification. Please Read Carefully.

CONVENIENT: No more special trips to work on your day off to pick up your check and no more waiting in line to get your check cashed. Your money is in your account by 9am EST on payday morning. With a Skylight card, you can receive text message alerts of your current balance and recent deposits.

AFFORDABLE: Avoid check cashing and money order fees. Skylight account pricing is based on the transactions you make, with many transactions available for free.

SECURE: Your money is safe in your account and available when you need it. If you lose your card, Skylight will send a replacement.

To sign up for either your Bank direct deposit OR a Skylight PayCard, complete this form. Please place a check mark next to your option. If the Skylight PayCard option is selected, Human Resources will provide a Visa Debit Card packet.

Checking/Saving Account Paycard Direct Deposit

Please attach a copy of a voided check or savings deposit from to this form for routing and account verification.

My signature below grants authorization of deposit 100% of my wages into the account listed above. This includes authorization to correct any entries made in error. This authorization will remain in effect until I give a written 10 day notice to cancel it.

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